Clear Aligners

Reveal Clear Aligners in Baxter

clear alignerWhen considering orthodontic treatment, many people, just like you, are looking for options to fit into their budget and lifestyle without compromising on comfort and results. Design Dentistry LLC is pleased to offer Reveal Clear Aligner System, an advanced orthodontic option that uses clear plastic trays to gently move your teeth into the desired position.

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Why Choose Clear Aligners by Reveal?

The creators of Reveal Clear Aligners have taken the orthodontic aligner system to the next level. We provide this brace system because it offers improved benefits and exceptional results.

Comfort – Aligners, in general, offer improved comfort over metal brackets and wires, and this system takes it one step further. Reveal aligners have scalloped edges to match your gum line, resulting in a more custom fit for even greater comfort during your treatment.

Efficiency - These aligners do not require attachments, which means less time in the chair and more control over tooth movement as it covers more surface area of each tooth.

Discrete – The orthodontic trays are cosmetically appealing. We offer the Reveal system because the material is engineered to resist clouding, staining, and yellowing. This means enhanced aesthetics for you throughout your treatment.

If you are unhappy with your smile and are thinking about getting braces, call our Baxter dental office and ask us more about how clear aligners can achieve your smile goals.

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