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Dental Implants are a great solution to missing teeth – the new standard in long-lasting dental prosthetics. At Design Dentistry, Arnold Rutman, DDS and Renee Taylor, DDS offer their years of experience to provide our dental patients with dental implants in Baxter, MN and Brainerd to fit their specific needs.


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We provide dental implant restorations to securely attach crowns, bridges, or dentures to surgically embedded implant posts. This allows patients to not only fill spaces in their smile caused by tooth loss, but also to improve or retain natural dental function. By utilizing the strength and longevity of dental implants to anchor dentures and other prosthesis, patients find that their chewing and speech are vastly improved and more natural. We typically see patients for a range of dental implant treatments, such as:

Single implants to replaces a whole missing tooth
Implant-supported bridges for patients who are missing a number of teeth and are interested in utilizing dental implants to affix a bridge.

Patients who have a full arch of missing teeth can benefit from options that don’t involve messy denture paste or the inconvenience of loose prosthetics, including:

All-on-4: A dental implant treatment that allows for replacement all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, with only four dental implants supporting a full-arch prosthesis. A Nobel Biocare® dental implant treatment concept, All-on-4 is a fixed restoration that allows for a comfortable and satisfying restoration without extensive implant surgery.
Screw-Retained or Locator Dentures: Utilizing four or more dental implants, your denture can be permanently screwed into place or locator abutments with minimal number of implants can be added to an overdenture or removable partial denture for a more stabilized and retained prosthesis that snaps on and off.

Dental Implant Restorations at Design Dentistry

Baxter dentists, Dr. Rutman and Dr. Taylor provide implant restorations completed with state of art technology and extensive examination of your smile. By utilizing our panoramic x-ray machine, we can determine if patients are a candidate dental implants placed by a trusted local oral surgeon and restored with life-like crowns, bridges, and dentures at our office.

At Design Dentistry, our dental implant restorations are typically made with all ceramic materials for a natural and aesthetically pleasing finished result. For implant-supported bridges, we can offer metal-based materials based on patient preference, but typically recommend ceramic for their natural aesthetics. Our implant restorations allow patients to have a beautiful new smile with enhanced function and comfort.

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Implant restorations at Design Dentistry are progressive, aesthetically satisfying, and allow patients to have a functioning and stabilized smile. Drs. Rutman and Taylor are available to provide comfortable and experienced care for your dental implant restoration. Contact Design Dentistry in Baxter, MN today for more information!


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